Northern Isles of Scotland Stout Family History Project
                                               last updated 12 December, 2019
The ScotStout family history project is using genetic analysis to go beyond
the written record in order to discover the origin of the surname Stout in the
Northern Isles of Scotland. The
first phase of the project was conducted using
the services of Family Tree DNA to carry out genetic testing of participants
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Project Description
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Current status
In the first phase, the five lines of Stouts originating in Shetland which have been tested so far have been
shown to share a recent common ancestor, say within the past four or five hundred years.
Stout lineages
with an origin in Walls, Orkney appear to form a separate group.

Further lines of research are being pursued, including more refined testing of Stout alleles..

Several lineages which have become extinct in Scotland may be extant elsewhere as a result of emigration; it
is hoped that any male descendants will make themselves known.
Phase 1 report