Northern Isles of Scotland Stout Family History Project
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Administrator email
To join the project simply send a request to the administrator at the email
address below.

He will want to understand where you sit in the Stout family tree in order to
assess the value of carrying out a DNA test. If your line of Stouts has
already been tested then there may be limited value in testing your own
DNA. However, if you do nevertheless want to carry out a test at your own
expense the administrator will facilitate that. Even without participating in
testing you may join the project at the administrator's discretion as an
observer and have access to the full results.
We are currently using the 37-marker test (Y-DNA37) from Family Tree DNA as the standard. However,
we sometimes start with the 12-marker test as a pilot to check whether there is value in going to the full

Please note that the testing can only be carried out on males.  
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