Northern Isles of Scotland Stout Family History Project
              last updated 20 February, 2020
The ScotStout family history project is using genetic analysis to go beyond the
written record in order to discover the origin of the surname Stout in the Northern
Isles of Scotland.
Motivation and ethics
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Current status
Phase one of the project is still in progress after more than 15 years. A few
conclusions have been drawn from the work done so far, but new participants are
very welcome. Lines of the family which are extinct in Scotland may be extant
elsewhere as a result of emigration; it is hoped that any male descendants will make
themselves known.

In parallel to the continued Y-DNA37 testing of phase one, a phase two of the project
is being pursued, to analyse SNP markers peculiar to the Shetland Stouts.
Narrative and
findings - phase
results -
January 2020
Motivation and ethics