Northern Isles of Scotland Stout Family History Project
Motivation and ethics
Images of original documents

Testament of Henry Stout  8 Apr 1633  O&S Commissory Court    page 1     page 2   

Testament of William Stout      1 Jan 1657      O&S Commissory Court     page 1  page2

Testament of Geills Stout       11 May 1680      O&S Commissory Court        

Inventory of Robert Stout       11 Mar 1843      Lerwick Sheriff Court    page 1/2

Inventory of Thomas Stout     14 Nov 1879      Lerwick Sheriff Court    page 1  page 2/3
Transcriptions and translations

Transcription of testament of Henry Stout (12/2011)

Translation of testament of Henry Stout (12/2011)

Transcription of testament of Geills Stout(12/2011)

Translation of testament of Geills Stout (12/2011)

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