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Thomas Stout b. ~1735 m. Barbara Smith
John Stout b. ~1760 m. Margaret Aitken
Malcolm Stout b. ~1765 m. Catherine Humphrey (11/11)
Gilbert Stout b.1815 m. Phillis Hughson (11/11)
Robert Stout b. 1750 m. Christina Burgess (11/11)
William Stout b. 1740 m. Janet Black (11/11)

Fair Isle
George Stout b. ~1756 m. Ann Wilson (11/11)
William Stout b.  ~1770 m. Grizel Irvine (11/11)
Laurence Stout b. ~1760  m. Marjory Williamson
Thomas Stout b. ~1756 m. Girsy Smith

Walls, including Fara
James Stout (Fara)  b. ~1760 m. Isabella Mowat (11/11)
William Stout (Walls) b. ~1760 m. Elspeth Cromarty (11/11)
James Stout (Walls) b. ~1770 m. Elizabeth Bain (11/11)
James Stout (Walls) b. ~1785 m. Isabella Bremner (11/11)

Shetland, unknown parish
John Stout b ~1765 moved to Mull 1788 (12/11)
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some cases.

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